Thursday, March 29, 2012


What a milestone week we've had.  First, Kate started saying "mamamama" and now she's crawling.  Wow.  Before she started saying mama, she would open and close her mouth but no sounds would come out.  It was so funny, and it almost looked like she was trying to practice what she wanted to say.  I had to take a video of it.  Here's what I got...

After "practicing" for about a week, she started actually saying Mama!  How exciting.  Everyone said she'd say Dada first, but nope!  Lucky me.

And I've posted before about how she is so close to crawling but she actually figured it out tonight.  She doesn't have it down pat, but she is definitely moving!  Her motivation?  My iPhone.  Of course.

Guess we better get on top of that baby proofing for real now!  My baby is definitely learning some new skills!

Here are a couple of other cute pictures from earlier tonight...

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