Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Cake

That's what one of the little girls at church calls Kate- Baby Cake.  Cute, huh?  Well it was pretty darn fitting today because after church we went lunch with a big group of friends and Kate got all upset about cake.  Here's what happened...

Kate had already had an almost 8 oz bottle during the church service, and then ate almost a whole jar of peas for lunch, so she should have been full.  She probably was full, but my girl loves her food.  So when the fellow-mommy across the table teasingly held out a fork full of chocolate cake over to Kate to see how she'd respond, Kate took the bait.  She wanted it.  She REALLY wanted it.  Of course being the mean mom that I am, I didn't let her have it.  She was not happy.  She cried like we had dropped her on her head.  It was pitiful, but it was funny, and even though she's never had chocolate cake before, I think she's going to like it. :)

Kevin had to teach a class at church today from 4-6 so Kristi came over to see Kate's new crawling skills. We ended up walking around a local park and then stopped by Target.  Kevin made it time just in home for dinner- Red Beans & Rice.  Yum!

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