Sunday, March 4, 2012


Wow. What a week.  My hours at work have been pushed up to 60+ so I've been trying to get into the office each day earlier and earlier.  Even so, I had to work most of the day on Saturday, so I feel like I have to guard every moment of Kate-time that I get. Here's a little re-cap of the past few days...

On Friday, Kevin and I went to Bertolo's for dinner.  We fed Kate when we got there, before our food came out.  Apparently that wasn't enough for her because she was reaching for my Chicken Parmesan, with her mouth wide open, for the entire dinner.  We ordered a small chocolate chip pizza for dessert, as we do every time we go to Bertolo's.  Kevin decided to let Kate "try" a little bit and gave her the tiniest taste of a chocolate chip.  Somehow it ended up more on her face than in her mouth.  Don't let this picture fool you.  You'd think she didn't like the chocolate chip, but she's actually just upset that we wouldn't give her more!

I spent most of the day Saturday at work, but definitely got to spend some quality family time once I got home.  I also spent some time doing this...

Have I mentioned that I love our Baby Bullet? Haha. I stocked up the freezer on some sweet potatoes, and my intentions were to make a batch of green beans tonight but that didn't quite work out.

Kate's gotten pretty good at holding her bottle herself, but she likes to be lazy.  If she can get YOU to hold her bottle for her, she'd rather do that.  She's also been quite inventive on finding ways to prop her bottle.  While I was cooking and pureeing the sweet potatoes, she was doing this with her bottle...

And here are some more cute pictures from this weekend....


  1. I'm so impressed with you making your own baby food after working so much last week! That's awesome!

    1. Haha! Well the supply was getting low so it was kind of a must-do on my list! Loved your little man birthday party. I know your family must have had a blast!

  2. Proud to say that I took the picture of chocolate Kate.


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