Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthdays and Bathtime

Yesterday was my sister (Kristi's) 25th birthday and TODAY is my mom's birthday.  We're doing the whole family celebration thing tomorrow when my mom and dad come up for a visit, but Kristi just HAD to do something on her actual birthday.  So Kevin, Kate and I met Kristi and one of her friends (Julie) for dinner last night.  The weather was great, so we sat outside and my pesto chicken pita was oh-so-good.  Fun times.  Here is a picture of Kate with the birthday girl, and one with Julie! :)

We stayed in tonight and just did some housework, etc but I had to share a few pictures from bath time. This is another one of my favorite parts of the day.  I LOVE giving Kate her baths, and I think she LOVES it just as much.

Sorry for the lack of words and LOTS of pictures.  It's late, I'm tired, and I've got to get to work early in the morning.  Happy weekending!


  1. I don't know what it is about those hooded baby towels...they're just SOOO adorable:)

    1. I know! It's like magic or something. :) The animal themed ones are SOO cute, but we can't find them big enough so we use this one that one of my mom's friend's made for us. They're great.

  2. Okay, I have to know what that is on the tap and what Kate is sitting in! That bathtime looks like so much fun!! We just put Brylee right in the tub and it's definitely a chore to try and keep her from crawling around or eating her toes.

    Kate is just so precious! Only a few more weeks :)

    1. Haha! The thing on the faucet is a cover made by Boon. It was a shower gift and is really great for making bubbles in the bath because of how it makes the water flow out. I think it's also going to be really good for washing out hair when she gets a bit older. You can find it here:
      And the Aquababy bath ring was another shower gift that has been really great. You can find it here:
      Can't WAIT for busy season to be over!!


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