Saturday, March 17, 2012

Almost Mobile

My girl is this close to crawling, and I know once she figures it out we'll enter a whole new world of parenting.  She can push up and get into the crawling position.  For the past few days she's just been doing the whole rocking back and forth thing, but last night and today she's been moving her knees back and forth and even TRYING to put her hands forward.  She's a little more adventuresome when she's on our bed.  After a few bumps on the floor, I think she realizes that the softness of the bed will cushion any falls.  Regardless, I think we'll have ourselves a full-fledged crawler on our hands within the next few weeks!

And of course, Happy St. Patrick's day!  I bought a cute little St. Patty's onesie for Kate to wear a few months ago.  At the time I was thinking the weather would require a long sleeved shirt and really didn't forsee it being 80+ degrees in mid-March.  But since it WAS 80+ degrees in mid-March, the long sleeved St. Patrick's day onesie stayed in the closet, and the summery stuff came out.  It's definitely lime green, even though the pictures look a little yellow.

Practicing her push ups!  Her Daddy is so proud. :) 

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. One minute she'll be rocking back and forth, and the next she'll be in your kitchen cabinets! So amazing how fast they go from sitting in one place (and just rolling to where they want) to zipping around.

    1. I am just now catching up on responding to my comments. Sorry! My sister is placing bets that Kate will be crawling around by the end of next week. I think we better get on that baby proofing, especially of the kitchen cabinets!

  2. yay!! it sounds like Brylee & Kate are on the same 'schedule' right now. B is doing the same things. I hope you're ready for a crawling child! I know I'm not :)

    1. Brylee looks SO close to crawling! I am definitely not ready for a crawling baby. I think it is time to baby proof our house. :)


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