Sunday, February 19, 2017

Silly Putty Fiasco

Sunday mornings are busy in our house.  Since Kevin is a pastor, he needs to spend some time Sunday mornings studying and preparing for the upcoming service, and he also leaves to get to church a bit earlier than us.  Because of that, he kind of does his own thing.  And so I get the girls ready for church.  I probably should wake up earlier to get going, but I really like an extra few minutes of sleep, so Sunday mornings are pretty rushed. :)  We always get to church about 15-30 minutes before the service starts, but there aren't any extra minutes to spare at home.

So this morning, when I walked into the living room to start getting Kate ready, I was not prepared for her to tell me "Mom, I got something in my hair."  THIS is what I saw.

That is silly putty, and it is ALL in her hair.  This is the only picture I took, but this was just the front part that you can see.  There was at least this much more wrapped up on the underside of her hair too.  She apparently went to bed holding the silly putt and in the middle of the night.... well, it ended up like this.  

Google was no help (FYI - conditioner and olive oil don't help) but my Facebook friends came to the rescue.  If you ever run into this in your house, JIF is your friend.  Peanut butter seemed to do the trick and an hour and a half later, I finally got the comb all the way through her hair.  

Prior to trying the JIF, I honestly thought Kate was going to have to get it cut out of her hair.  She wasn't upset about that, but wanted to make sure that the Silly Putty was saved.  I assured her that she didn't need to worry about that, because Silly Putty is no longer allowed at our house.  Ever. 

Oh and PS - We still made it to church on time. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Valentines Cuties

I don't know where you're reading this from, but here in SC the weather has been AWESOME. It's the middle of February but 75 degrees, so we broke out the sandals for Valentines day.  Happy Valentines day from these two sweet girls! They are nothing alike personality-wise, but (usually) get along so well.  I am so thankful that they call me Mama.

Karsten is my sensitive, thoughtful, loving little helper.  She will pull all of her play food into the kitchen and throw it on the floor to "help" me cook.  She is a mamas girl through-and-through.  She likes to cuddle and will randomly say "Guess what Mama!?  I love you!"  

Kate is strong willed, determined, and caring. If you have a boo boo, she's the first to try to help you.  She had a somewhat rough start to kindergarten, but is now reading almost everything in sight. I can't believe how far she's come in 6 short months.  She is my independent little extrovert and I wouldn't be surprised if she is high school president one day. :) 

Happy Valentines day from my three Valentines.  I sure do love this family of mine!  God is good!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

2016 Recap

I have a friend, who I have known since I was 4 years old, named Jillian.  Jillian is actually the one that introduced me into the land of blogging after she started a blog when she was pregnant with her first child back in 2011.  I joke with her (and on her) because her blog is something that she will not touch for a month or so, and then will go back and write about 20 posts and put them up all at once. And now clearly, I have turned into the same thing. C'est la vie!

2016 was a fantastic year, filled with lots of great memories. Here is a (very) quick rundown of just a few of our highlights...

  • We got SNOW in South Carolina. So much fun!
  • Lori and Bobby (and Bobby's mom Stacy) drove up to spend the day with us.
  • Karsten turned 15 months old and we were still going strong with the nightly bottles.
  • Karsten also joined in on a few bedtime Bible stories, but we quickly determined that she had zero attention span.
  • We had some unseasonably warm February weather, and spent a lot of time doing fun outdoor stuff, like sidewalk chalk.
  • We celebrated Valentine's day together!
  • I went to my home town for our first annual friends dinner (which was definitely repeated in 2017)
  • The primary elections were held, and Kate was bummed that she didn't get to vote. So, she decided to make her own card and hold a kid's election. She brought her home-made voter registration card with us when we went to the polls, and then we all got fussed at because we were told our polling location could be accused of voter fraud.
  • We signed Kate up for soccer at the YMCA and she was so excited to get her soccer gear.
  • We celebrated Easter 2016
  • Of course we had a few Easter egg hunts :) Karsten caught on pretty quickly!
  • I drove the girls to a friend's peach orchard and took their pictures in the beautiful blooms
  • Kate had her first official soccer practice and game. At this point, we were still pretty undecided as to how the season would go.
  • April finally brought some WARM weather. And warm weather means bathing suits, sprinklers, and outside fun.
  • We pulled out the water table, and Karsten seems to love it just as much as Kate did. We've had this thing for 5 years and I have to say, it was definitely money well spent!
  • The soccer season continued and we realized Kate did not heart soccer the way her mommy did.  She preferred the sidelines with her friends over chasing the soccer ball. 
  • May was a crazy busy month. First up, Kate's LAST day of K4. It was a sad and exciting day for all of us.
  • Next up - VACATION. We went to Sunset Beach, NC and Kate has been begging to go back there since we left.
  • Also  in May, I celebrated my 5th Mother's day. What a blessing and honor to be Mom to these two girls.
  • At some point during the month, Kate's school held their Kindergarten orientation, so we got the chance to visit her new school and tour the facilities.
  • We spent a lot of June just doing fun things at home.
  • We made a few lake trips and always love being on the water.
  • Our church had a waterpark day.
  • Kevin attempted to teach Kate how to hit a softball, and she actually started hitting them!
  • Kate took swimming lessons and through the course of 2 months, she pretty much learned how to swim AND she learned to dive!
  • Kevin and I took Kate with us on our annual mission trip with church. Karsten stayed home with her Nana and got to soak up some quality grandparent time.
  • We celebrated the 4th of July.
  • We wrapped up our mission trip
  • Kate turned FIVE.  We tried to celebrate with a birthday party at a local waterpark, but got rained out.  So we improvised, and had a party at our house!
  • Kate started Kindergarten.  Somehow I have a school-aged kid!
  • We had plenty of lake days again - so fun!
  • Karsten started Parents Day Out one day a week. After the initial tears and separation anxiety, she quickly got over it and now LOVES to go to school and see all of her friends. 
  • Kate started gymnastics and I think we found an extracurricular activity that she can stick with.
  • We spent one Saturday at a waterpark (the one where we were supposed to have Kate's birthday party).
  • Kate lost her first tooth.
  • Our church had a Fall Festival.
  • We visited a farm / pumpkin patch with Kristi and Davis, and got lost in a corn maze!
  • I took the girls to a Clemson game and we watched Clemson ALMOST lose to NC State. 
  • We celebrated Halloween (Princess Elena and Princess Anna)
  • Karsten turned TWO.  Of course we celebrated with a Frozen birthday party.  What else would you expect for this Anna and Elsa loving little girl? 
  • Kevin and I went to Las Vegas for my continuing education. We tacked on a few days to the trip and visited Zion National Park, in Utah, went to the Hoover Dam and went to see the Grand Canyon. 
  • Kate was in a Thanksgiving play, and played the part of an ear of corn. Ha!
  • We hosted Thanksgiving at our house and did not burn the house down.
  • We filled the month with LOTS of Christmas fun.
  • Kevin and I attended my work Christmas party.
  • The girls visited Santa (Karsten was not impressed, yet again)
  • Kate helped me with some Christmas shopping and got to get a red cup full of hot chocolate from Starbucks.
  • My parents came to visit for Christmas, and we went ice skating.
  • SANTA stopped by our house and left lots of goodies.
  • Clemson played in the college playoffs and WON, so they were bound for the National Championship.
And that, friends, was a wrap on 2016.  Each year I am beyond amazed at the ways that God has blessed me, and this year was no exception. I am so thankful to have a life filled with an amazing family, great friends, and so much love, laughter and fun. 

2017 - let's do this!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

"That's MY Momma"

Karsten is going to kill me for these one day, but currently she can't do anything about it. :)

I keep the church nursery often on Wednesdays and a few weeks ago, we were in one of those situations where one kid would cry and cause other babies to start crying.  Needless to say, all of the volunteers arms were full with babies!  Karsten was perfectly fine and playing with toys until she turned around and saw me holding one of the younger babies.  And then, it was over.


She kept saying "Put dat baby down!  Don't hold her! That's my mommy!"

Of course you can tell that I obviously thought it was funny and grabbed my phone to snap a few pictures.

This is yet another example of how God makes each kid so uniquely different. Kate was so NOT a mama's girl. She was so independent, she would have rather had somebody else besides me in the nursery in the first place.  Not Karsten. She loves her Mama in a clingy sort of way.  And I kinda like it. :)  At least for now.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Christmas Day 2016

Like the year before, our Christmas day was actually pretty low key.  Well, sort of! 

With Christmas day actually falling on a Sunday, it made the whole day so much more celebratory.  As a Christian, there are two holidays that are the biggest of all to us - Christmas and Easter.  Easter is always on a Sunday, but this year was especially sweet with Christmas on a Sunday as well. We were so thankful to be able to start the day celebrating the birth of our Savior with our church family and fellow believers.  

Knowing that even our normal Sunday mornings are always a little crazy trying to get the whole family up, fed, dressed and to church (early), we didn't plan on opening presents before church.  We are very blessed that our girls sleep in relatively late, so we're often waking them up in the mornings to get ready anyway.  We didn't see any possible way to squeeze in gifts prior to leaving for church. 

Now, though both girls usually "sleep in", that definitely wasn't the case with Kate Christmas morning.  She woke up around 7:30 and crept into the living room. I was semi-awake but still in bed, so I heard her get up. I gave her a few minutes and then quietly tiptoed down the hallway to see what she was doing. She was sitting on our couch, just staring at the tree and presents.  When she saw me, she said "Look what we got, Mama!"

She was so excited, and other than the trampoline, she didn't have a clue what they'd gotten!  For the past two months, the only thing Kate had said she wanted for Christmas was a Hatchimal.  (For those who haven't heard of a Hatchimal, it is an egg that you take care of and then it hatches into a small toy bird/penguin.)  Of course, the thing she wanted had to be the "it" toy of the year, and was IMPOSSIBLE to find.  As we were sitting on the couch together, she looked at me and said "I won't be disappointed if I don't get a Hatcnhimal, Mama.  I won't be sad."  I was trying to figure out what to say back to her, when she pointed to one of the presents and said "But I touched that one, and it feels like an egg!!!"

At this point, Karsten was still sleeping so we told Kate we would wait for Karsten to get up and they could open one present before church. Well, we waited, and waited and waited.  Apparently Karsten was exhausted!  Finally, I just woke her up!  She didn't even know it was Christmas, so I got her dressed and then just brought her into the living room. She was SOOO excited over the trampoline. 

Karsten loves Winnie the Pooh movies, and the Disney Junior show Tigger and Friends.  She was bouncing away and kept saying "Look at me! I'm just like Tigger!!"  The trampoline was most definitely a hit. 

Then we let the girls each open a present, and of course Kate picked the one that felt like an egg...

This is what your face looks like when you get EXACTLY what you wanted for Christmas.  It was even pink!  She named her hatchimal Candy Cane because the egg was white, pink and red.

Because little sister always wants exactly what her big sister has, she also got a Hatchimal!  This one was purple.   

While Kevin was studying over his notes for Sunday morning, I attempted to get a picture with the girls.  Definitely need to work on my self-timer camera skills. (And notice who else had to be in the picture. Kate was not leaving Candy Cane out!)

Then it was time for church.  We were all hungry and ready for breakfast.  Our church decided to do a big breakfast prior to the service, so we enjoyed spending a little extra time with everyone. After church, Kevin's family ate lunch together at his brother's house. Kate's egg was starting to hatch by this point.  Please meet the newest member of our family, Candy Cane:

Karsten's egg was a dud.  It wouldn't hatch.  I think this ended up being a common problem with this toy, so I'm very grateful that it was Karsten's that messed up and not Kate's.  Karsten didn't really care. Kate would have been so disappointed. 

After church, the girls took a nap and when they woke up, we finally got around to opening our presents!  This girl was just happy to bounce away. Seriously, we had to almost trick her into opening her presents.

Besides the trampoline, Karsten's favorite gift by far was an Elsa/Anna electric toothbrush.

Kate also got a digital camera and has been our in-house paparazzi ever since.  The camera holds a few hundred pictures and she will fill it up in minutes.  And then delete them all and start right over. 

The girls also got a Princess Elena of Avalor (Disney Junior) guitar. 

The rest of the evening actually was low key.  Both Kevin and Kate were fighting massive colds and didn't feel all that great, so they took naps and watched TV.  The girls destroyed our living room with toys strewn all over the place.  They played their hearts out and had a blast. 

It was definitely a Christmas to remember. 

Like many moms, I prayed and prayed for my children, even before I knew them.  I love them more than I could fathom, and I love them more each and every day.  Knowing how much I love my two girls, it is so overwhelming that the Father would send us His Son as a baby, knowing that he would eventually die on a cross.  And he did it for me.  He did it for you.  We are so undeserving, but His grace and mercy are unending.

And this, friends, is the reason we celebrate. 

Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared among them and the radiance of the Lord's glory surrounded them. They were terrified, but the angel said, 
"Don't be afraid. I bring good news to all people.  The Savior- yes the Messiah, the Lord-  is born this day in Bethlehem, the City of David.  You will recognize Him by this sign- you'll find a baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger!"
The angel was joined by the armies of heaven, praising God and saying, 
"Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth, peace, good will toward men."


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