Thursday, March 15, 2012

One Down, One to Go!

I'm sure most of you have NO idea what that title is all about, but us tax accountants, we know.  While individuals and partnerships have until April 15th (which for this year is actually April 17th), the due date for corporations and s-corporations is March 15th.  Thankfully, we're now past the FIRST due date of this busy season. :)

I'm counting down the days til my busy season is OVER.  After working the last 8 Saturdays, we're down to just 5 more.  You can count that on one hand, people.  There are only 27 days left and then I'll get to spend so much more time with this sweet little face.

I'm loving the time change.  I got home and it was still light outside, so I took Kate out to the back porch. This is the first time I've let her sit in our chair all by herself and she LOVED it.  It's a glider, and she figured out if she rocked back and forth, it would move.  That kept her entertained for a while!

And I moved around to the outside of the chair and showed her how to look through the cracks and THAT kept her entertained for a while more. :)

Yes, I am so ready for busy season to be over.  I'm so ready for a vacation.  Maybe, the beach?  I bought Kate a bathing suit a while back and all of this thinking about vacation made me wonder if I even bought the right size.  So what's a girl to do?  Of course we had to play a little dress up.  

It fits perfectly, and definitely has some room for her to grow over the summer.  One thing my girl is good at is growing! 

27 more days.... 27 more days... 27 more days! 

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