Friday, November 7, 2014

Little Momma

Kate is such a little mommy. I've said all along, she thinks Karsten is HER baby. She is constantly wanting to help- even with changing diapers!  Though we can't just turn everything over to her, she's been a big helper with running to get wipes, pacis, diapers, etc and then "helping" us with Karsten.

I feel bad, because it seems like things have been so crazy, we haven't been able to let Kate "help" as much as we would like.  Usually Kate asks to help when she needs to get a bath, or she is about to leave for school, or (of course) when it is her bedtime. Tonight, she got to sit down and give Karsten a whole bottle and she LOVED it. Karsten didn't seem to mind either.

The sweetest two girls I know!


  1. Oh my goodness love these sweet sisters!! Reminds me of my older daughter when we first brought her baby sister home a year ago.

  2. She looks very careful with her little sister. They are so adorable together. God bless them.


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