Friday, November 21, 2014

Bows & Smiles

My girls love bows. Let me take that back-  I love seeing my girls in bows. :)  There's nothing more southern than a little girl in a big bow.  Unless, of course, the little girl is also wearing something smocked or monogrammed along with her big bow.  Luckily Karsten has a good supply of some super cute headbands, most of which are from Sassy Sweet Pea Designs, to help her keep a bow on her head.  It might be a while before she has as much hair as Kate to be able to clip them in her hair, so I am loving the headband stage... and apparently so is Karsten.  We've gotten some cute baby smiles the last few days and it is so much fun!!  Enjoy the pictures of Karsten (and a few of Kate, who hasn't wanted to sit still recently) in all of their bows, and go check out Sassy Sweet Pea Designs on Etsy or on Facebook.  Their bows are so cute, and very reasonably priced! Happy Friday!!

1 comment:

  1. your daughters are so beautiful and look SO similar!!! I swear they have the exact same nose. Love the bows!

    ~Ashley from New York


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