Monday, November 24, 2014


Most of these have been posted on my Facebook feed already, since that's where I post stuff as it happens so I can go back and then copy/paste them onto here. :)  These are the most recent "Kateisms".  This girl makes us laugh every day!

At dinner tonight, Kevin and I started asking Kate how her day at school was.  She was telling us about what she did, and something she said made me ask her if she had been put in time out.  She said yes, and I asked her why she had to go to time out.  Her response?  
"I made bad choices, Mommy."

Kate got a new play nativity today. As she was playing with it, this was our conversation :
Me- Kate, who is the baby?
Kate- Jesus.
Me- What are his Mommy and Daddy's names?
Kate- Mary and Joseph
Me- And who are those other people?Kate- The shepherds and the wise men. Me- Good job! What do the shepherds take care of?Kate- Sheep!Me- Right! And do you remember what the wise men did?Kate- They brought gifts!Me- Yep! What did they bring?Kate- Ummm.... POPCORN! They brought popcorn.

I'm sure Jesus would have appreciated the popcorn.

I love that Kate calls sparkles "sprinkles". I just can't seem to make myself correct her, because everything is better with sprinkles, right? Especially when she wants me to paint her fingernails, and make sure to put sprinkles on top.

Despite what Kevin may think, Kate KNOWS she has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. At small group tonight, Kate was begging one of the other adults for a doughnut. The adult told her to ask her mom. Kate started to walk toward me and then turned back around to the adult and said "How about my Daddy??"

Me- Kate, did you know God made you beautiful?
Kate- No I'm not! My hair's a mess!!

We have horses in a facility near our house and we pass by them just about any time we drive somewhere. Kate has been obsessed these horses for as long as we can remember.  She has always begged to ride them, and somehow got it in her head that when she is 4 years old, she'll be able to ride them.  I've just gone with it for now.  As we were driving past the horses the other day, we had the following conversation:
Kate- Can I ride the horses, Mama? 
Me- You know when you can ride them, right? 
Kate- Yep. When I'm like dirt. 
Me- Huh?
Kate- You know, Mom. Old like dirt. Then I can ride the horses. 

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  1. Okay... I found your blog, quite by accident this morning, and... NEARLY AN HOUR AND FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER... I'm ready to save the link and go get some chores done! I have done NOTHING this morning except read your adoption stories and I BAWLED ALL THROUGH THEM!! Oh, my lands! What sweet, sweet little girls you have! We, too, are adoptive parents... we have the cutest little two-year-old imaginable, and we adopted him. Then, we have a biological fourteen-year-old (nothing like spacing our boys out in age, huh?) who is equally as handsome, and adoption stories are so dear to my heart! What a fun blog you have here. Thank you for sharing your stories about how good God is and for letting complete strangers peek into your blessings and cry their eyeballs out over how wonderful those blessings are!


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