Tuesday, November 5, 2013

When The Going Gets Slow- Adoption #2

So I've mentioned that this second adoption is SO much different than our first adoption.  Last time, we just felt so rushed to get everything done.  We weren't rushed by our agency, by any means, but we somehow had put this pressure on ourselves to hurry, hurry, hurry. 

Hurry up and get our initial paperwork turned in. 

Hurry up and go to an information meeting.

Hurry up and complete the second round of paperwork.

Hurry up and get our physicals done. 

Hurry up and get fingerprinted for background checks.

Hurry up and go to our training. 

Hurry up and get our homestudy completed. 

Hurry up and finish our Dear Birthmother letter.

Hurry up and complete our adoption profile books.

Hurry, hurry, hurry. 

And then... wait.

I guess we tried to rush through all of the steps last time, because it was the only part of the adoption process that we had any amount of control over.  After all of that "hurrying", all you're left with is the waiting.  You have no idea how long (or short) your wait will be, and you can't do anything to speed up the process.

For some reason we didn't put all that pressure on ourselves this time, and we haven't hurried through any of the stages.  Probably our more laid-back approach is because we already have a kid that keeps us busier than we could have imagined.  Regardless, we haven't felt quite so rushed.  And it turns out, that's a really good thing.  Because this time everything is moving SO SLOWLY!

We found out last week that the slow-pace isn't entirely our fault.  Apparently our adoption worker has decided to stay at home with her kids (completely understandable) and they are in a transition stage at our agency.  Our original adoption worker has been working on a part-time basis for a little while, and her replacement does not start until the middle of November.  Once the new adoption worker starts, there are 2 families in front of us to start on their homestudy.  Then it is our turn.

But for now, we wait.  And we're mostly okay with that, because we know that the waiting is worth it.  We've even got proof.


  1. The best things in life are sometimes the things we have to wait for!! Good luck with the adoption process. My husband and I have friends who are also trying to adopt their second, and they feel a little more laid back this time as well. God has the perfect baby out there for you. =)

  2. This happens to many people. The first adoption process is filled with so much trepidation and worries that parents rush through things and hope that it'll speed things along. But, as you said, you have very little control over the entire process. Good luck with the second one, Kelley!

  3. Me and my husband have recently decided to adopt, and hope to do an open adoption. I am very nervous so I (being me) figured I'd find a good mommy I can relate to. Your story gives me such a lovely positive story to keep in mind through this process. I have so much faith in what God has planned for my family. I can only hope me and my husband will be blessed with an angel with half as much ease in your adoption of Kate.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story, God bless!

  4. “But for now, we wait. And we're mostly okay with that, because we know that the waiting is worth it.” - Waiting for the finalization of your adoption may be tiring and could sometimes leave you hopeless. However, when you see progress and your petition finally gets approved, all these idle moments will be forgotten. I've read that you're almost finished with your second adoption, Kelley. I hope you'll inspire others to adopt an orphan too. :)

    Sandra Walker @ EricRisk.net


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