Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween Was a Week Ago

I do realize that Halloween was over a week ago.  I'm sure you're way past seeing pictures of little kids (or big kids) dressed up in their Halloween attire, but since I'm just now uploading and editing my pictures, forgive me for being a little late. And forgive the quality of these pictures.  I have all but given up getting good pictures of a 2 year old!

Halloween was on a Thursday, which is dance day in our household.  Kate still had class, and they were invited to wear their costumes to dance.  Only about 5 of the little girls showed up, and it was definitely a class of little princesses... and one zebra. There were a couple of Cinderellas, at least one Snow White, one "general" princess, and then my little zebra.  Pretty fitting for how Kate acts in dance class.  She is definitely the wild child in a class of dainty little ballerinas.

After dance, we headed back home to meet up with some family and friends to take our kids trick or treating.  We ate a quick pizza and then went to a nearby neighborhood to trick or treat, since we don't actually live in a neighborhood. 

I think we had as much fun trick-or-treating as the kids did.  We had 6 adults for 3 kids. :) 

Oh and let me also say, Kate is TERRIBLE at trick-or-treating.  She totally did not get it.  She didn't want to hold her bag AT ALL because she wanted to eat each piece of candy as she got it.  She probably ate 20 pieces of candy as we went around. 

When we got home, the boys got a treat themselves, since it was Halloween and all.

And that's the end of my late-Halloween festivities. Now on to the next holiday. :) 


  1. What an AWESOME costume!

  2. Oh my cuteness. I love the zebra costume.

  3. I'm a little late in commenting, but how cute is that costume! And you have dance days? Definitely something I plan on introducing to my family!


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