Wednesday, October 30, 2013

BOO in the ZOO

I had big plans for our family to visit a pumpkin patch at some point before Halloween, but that didn't happen.  Last weekend, we actually planned to go on Saturday, but we decided instead to do Boo in the Zoo on Friday and then have our whole Saturday free to do things around our home.  It turned out to be a good change of plans.

Since the zoo is really just right around the corner from my work, I went ahead and pre-purchased tickets on my lunch break on Friday.  Best idea ever.  Boo in the Zoo opened at 5 and we got there around 5:45.  The line was ridiculously long, but we got to go straight to the front and go right on in.

It was the coldest that it has been this fall, so we bundled Kate up- long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, leggings, sweatpants, plus her zebra costume.  Luckily, part of her costume is a hat and she kept it on the entire time.  There is no way that she wasn't warm in all those clothes.  I was freezing.

She was content to ride in her stroller and trick or treat at the stations that were set up, until she saw the "lions".  Then she HAD to get out.

The giraffes held her attention for a long time, especially the baby giraffe, Kiko.  She watched them carefully until she saw the REAL lions.  Then she was obsessed with "Simba, Nahla and 'Fasa" (Mufasa). 

The only way we got her away from the lions, was to promise to go see the alligators.  We finally got to the part of the zoo where the alligators were, and couldn't go down there.  It wasn't in a well-lit area so they had closed it off for Boo in the Zoo.  Kate wasn't too disappointed because she found something MUCH better...

My little zebra-bat...

And of course we had to get a couple of pictures with Mommy and Daddy...


All-in-all, it was a much less time-intensive thing than the pumpkin patch and Kate had a blast.  Every time I ask her what she's going to dress up as for Halloween, she says "Zebra. Zoo! Let's go!!"  I'm guessing that means she had fun. :)

Tomorrow night - her first time Trick-or-Treating!!


  1. :) We were there on Saturday night! It was our first time going. I am so glad we bought our tickets in advance. Good gracious the line!! Hope Kate has fun trick or treating!!

  2. Great pictures! I enjoyed reading through your blog today. I found it via TopMommyBlogs. I blog at:

    Blessings to your sprecious family!

  3. Kelley, the pictures are so cute!!! I love the zebra costume and perfect for trick or treating at the zoo! My favorite is the back of her looking at the giraffes!!

  4. Hi Kelley, I'm a new follower - nice to meet you! :))

    Your little girl is ADORABLE! I love the zebra costume. The Boo in the Zoo event looks like a blast!

  5. This is such a cute blog! My husband and I are very confused on all of the adoption process. Can you kind of simplify it for us?

  6. I just found out I'm pregnant and I'll be giving the baby up for adoption. Seeing blogs and posts about families like this gives me hope. You're incredible, keep doing what you're doing!


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