Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Many Faces of Kate

Kate is a pretty dramatic little girl, and she has lots of "faces" that she likes to share. It's gotten pretty funny.  Most of these we haven't taught her, with the exception of the "sad face".  She's just started imitating what she sees and hears.  So many faces for such a little girl.

There's her sad face...  

Her surprised face...

Her faces when she is being silly...

The face she makes when she is fake-laughing... 

Oh, and I can't get enough of this sweet face...

Speaking of imitating, tonight she started calling Kevin by his first name instead of Daddy.  It comes out "Kevy" but still.  So perceptive! Guess she heard everybody else calling him that and thought "why not?". We didn't know whether to laugh at her or scold her.  We laughed and then told her "No, that's DADDY." Then she called him Daddy Kevy. We are in trouble.


  1. Those are adorable faces! Hopefully the 'Kevy' is just a phase :)

    1. Ha! I sure hope so. We figured she would go through some stage where she calls us by our first names, just not at 19 months! :)

  2. same thing happened with our little boy, we explained that while his name was correct we like it more when he just calls him Daddy, apparently he understood because he now calls him only by Daddy and sometimes he says - your name is Robert but you are my Daddy. :)


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