Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Oh the things she says!  I can only imagine that as her vocabulary grows, and as she learns to string more and more words together, I'll have some hilarious conversations to remember. :) Here are just a few of the most recent things that have made us laugh.

Kate to Kevin: "Tank-u Daddy-Kevi" (Thank you, Daddy Kevin)

Kate calling Kevin "Kevy" is just funny.  Kevin got it on video the other day.  Quality isn't the best, but you can definitely tell what she is saying:

As we were driving to small group, Kate kept asking for a chip.  We were ignoring here and carrying on with our conversation until we heard "Daddy. Daddy. Daddy-Daddy-Daddy-DADDY."
Kevin says, "Yes, Kate?"
Kate's response: "Chip!"

One day I was sitting on the floor, painting my toenails a nice spring-y color, when barefoot Kate walks over to me.  She puts her foot right on top of mine, points to it, and says "Do it!".  Needless to say, I painted her toenails.

We were out running errands one day and decided to just go grab lunch.  As we were putting Kate into the car, we started throwing around restaurant ideas.  This was how the conversation went...
Kevin to Kate: "Do you want pizza?"
Kate: "Peet-za!"
Kevin: "Or, do you want a burger?"
Kate: "Bugger"
Kevin: "How about BBQ?"
Kate: "SAUCE! Dip!"
Can you tell what she dips her chicken into?  If she won't eat something, we just put BBQ sauce on her plate and she will dip away.

We went to Lowe's one day to grab something for the house, and while I was finding what we needed, Kevin let Kate "ride" the lawn mowers that were inside.  As we left, we had to walk right past the lawn mowers again.  Kate started pointing to them, signing "more" and saying MORE.  I guess mower and more do sound pretty similar. Even more so with a southern accent. :)

As we were walking into her room I asked "Kate, whose room is this?"
Her reply: "Self"
She's gotten in the habit of saying "self" instead of "me" or "mine" because she tells us so often that she wants to do something by herself.  I have to admit, I'd much rather her her say "self" than "miiiinnnneeee".


  1. I just found you blog today, and I love it, its so encouraging. I like finding blogs by moms who love the Lord too. We're adopting our 3 yr old daughter. I loved this entry! Its so funny the things kids come up with! I agree with you, I'd rather hear "self" than "mine" :)
    When we first got our daughter a year ago she was 2 1/2 and very used to getting her own way and not being told "no." We were in Wal-Mart one day and she was pitching a fit and whinning because we wouldn't let her out of the cart (she would run away like the dickins and turn the corner at the end of the isle and make my heart stop!). I repeatedly told her no, and I was starting to get really frustrated when suddenly she got all quiet and I heard a little voice whine, "I need coffee" lol, it was so funny the way she said it, like she was so miserable without cofee lol

    1. So glad you stopped by! It's great to "meet" you, and I love that we have the adoptive-mommy thing in common! That's so funny about your daughter asking for coffee... at age 3! :) I'm sure Kate will be saying some pretty cute things also.


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