Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Basket 2013

Maybe I'm a dork, or just overly enthusiastic, but I started collecting for Kate's Easter basket WEEKS and WEEKS ago.  Last year, she was so young, it was really hard to think of things to put in her basket so I just filled it with a stuffed animal, bath toys, and a kid's iPhone case.  Actually, she didn't even have a real Easter basket last year.   
I didn't have a problem figuring out what to put in her basket this year. :)  Her basket, along with all of these goodies, have been sitting in our living room since they were purchased and she has not gotten into them yet.  They are in our formal living room, which we use as an office, and we don't let her have free-reign of that room so I just don't think she has noticed any of it yet. 

Luckily her basket is not too big, or I would have had to put a few extra things in there. I pretty much filled it to the brim, as it is. And all for under $20. So what did I put in her basket?  Well, see the list below.  

Kate's Easter Basket- 2013

1. Crayola Sidewalk Chalk- $3 from Target
2. Mr. Bubble Foam Soap (it floats!)- $5 from Target
3. Bubbles- $1 from the Target Dollar Spot
4. Crayola Bath Drops to color bath water- $4 from Target
5. Spring Play-Doh- $2 from the Target Dollar Spot
6. Easter-Themed Cookie Cutters (to use with Play-Doh)- $1 from the Target Dollar Spot
7. Cotton Candy- $1 from the Target Dollar Spot... because what Easter basket is any fun without something sweet!

I definitely didn't go overboard, but wanted to get some fun things that could be used for an extended period of time (like the chalk and play-doh), instead of played with once and the forgotten about.  Besides, Easter baskets are fun (for parents and kids), but that's not what Easter is all about.  In a line from a book that Kate got for Easter LAST year...

"...the eggs are fun and the Easter bunny is okay, but Easter's not about that stuff. It's about God's son."


  1. I have been the same way this year! I get a little carried away with holidays but it's too fun. Love your ideas. You should link up with the's Easter Basket Hop!

  2. Love, love, love the color bath dropz...such a GREAT idea!!! Can't wait to do things like this for my little one as well. :0)

  3. I really like the side walk chalk, that was so much fun when I was a kid!!

  4. These are some fun and great ideas for a basket!


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