Saturday, March 16, 2013

Baby Elmer Fudd

Sometimes things will come out of Kate's mouth and Kevin and I both look at each other and laugh.  I'm sure this will get more and more common as she really starts to string words together.  One thing that makes me laugh is the way she says "hello".  She has said "hey" for quite a while now, but recently she has started playing with her toy phone and saying "hello".  She sounds like Elmer Fudd. Seriously. You know, like on Looney Tunes.

I was never a fan of cartoons, but my grandparents had a really big stuffed Elmer Fudd at their house.  I didn't watch any of the other Looney Tune characters, but I certainly knew who Elmer Fudd was and Kate sometimes sounds like him. Especially when she says the word "hello"!  

I tried to get a video of her saying "hello" but it doesn't quite capture the way she really says it.  It comes out more like "he-woah".   Then she got more interested in saying her own name, and telling me how old she is.  

Do your kids say funny things, or pronounce words funny?  I sure am going to miss this stage.

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  1. Haha...C & M do the same thing with their toy phones.."He-wo? He-wo?" Love it!

  2. Sweet little Elmer! ;) Someone on pinterest created a canvas of funny words and sayings their little one said- thought it was a cute idea! Thanks for the heads up about Google Reader!


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