Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ahhh- It's The Weekend

Yes, it's Saturday.  My last Saturday.

For those who don't know me personally, I'm a CPA with a super-regional accounting firm here in the south east.  More specifically I'm a tax accountant, which means my already pretty busy life is about to get a LOT busier.  Starting next weekend until after the April 17th tax-day deadline, I'll be spending my Saturdays at work.  This busy season will definitely be an interesting one for me since it will be the first as a wife AND a mommy.  I typically work 60-65ish hours a week (and more closer to the deadline) and I'm still trying to determine how it's all going to work out.  My PLAN is to get to work a lot earlier than normal, work through lunch, and leave not TOO much later than my normal time.  Then of course I'll be working on Saturdays.  This should be interesting....

But, since this is my last non-working Saturday for a while, I told Kevin that I would be sleeping in.  So he was on Kate-duty all by himself this morning.  Of course she's a breeze whenever that happens.  He fed her this morning around 7 (which is her typical morning bottle time) and then she went back to sleep until 11!!  So, I got to "sleep in" until about 8:30.  I guess my body is so used to getting up at 6:30 that it didn't want to sleep any longer than that.

We spent the first part of the day at home, and Kate had some fun in her activity/bouncy thingy. I have no idea what this thing is actually called.

Kate's still not quite tall enough for her feet to reach the bottom of this thing, so we had to make do.  We "cheated" with a few stacks of printer paper.  Worked like a charm.

And then we headed out to lunch.  One of our sweet friend's from church gave us a gift card to Applebee's for Christmas, so that's where we went.  Can you guess which plate is Kevin's?

He ordered the Bourbon Street Chicken and Shrimp and I ordered the Appetizer Sampler.  So good!  Spinach and Artichoke dip, boneless BBQ wings, Quesadillas, and cheese sticks.  So healthy, huh? Don't worry.  I shared with Kevin.

And now we're home and Saturday is only halfway over.  I'm off to make some home made baby food for Kate.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see how that goes.  This will be her first taste of something with a little more flavor than the rice cereal and oatmeal that she's had so far.  Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Saturday.

**Note- To any of you joining me from Kelly's Korner looking for adoption fundraising ideas, scroll to the next post or click on the "Adoption Puzzle" tab above!

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  1. What a fun Saturday! So sorry to hear work is going to get crazy! I struggle daily with work and parenting! It is soooo flippin' hard! I wish there were money trees!


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