Sunday, October 30, 2011

In the A-T-L, and not loving it

In June, Kristi, Kevin and I purchased tickets to the Clemson/Ga Tech game in Atlanta.  At the time, we had no idea that Clemson would be going into the game 8-0.  Actually, none of us would have ever IMAGINED that this would be the case.  So when we bought our tickets at face value, we didn't think that our tickets would be worth a whole lot more than what we paid for them when the time for the game was actually upon us.  Let me just say, we shoulda sold those things!  But, we didn't and we found ourselves in Atlanta, GA this past Saturday for the LAST of our away game adventures.

I got Kate all ready for the fall festival at church, and we dropped her off with her Nana and Papa on our way out of town.  (There was really no need to mention this, but I really didn't want to write a whole post without a picture of Kate!)

We ended up leaving Kristi's car at Perimeter Mall and taking the MARTA to the stadium.  The walk was only 5-6 blocks from where we got off the train to the stadium, and there were lots of people to follow, so we found it easily.  We had pretty great seats.  We were only a few rows up from the bottom of the upper deck in the end zone, and the people beside Kevin never even showed up.  Lucky us.  Well, sort of.

Too bad we didn't look like this AFTER the game.  Ah- it was so frustrating and disappointing.  Even with a "Go Tigers" all the way from Illinois, the Tigers still couldn't pull off a win.  And then to add to the frustration, we didn't get home til 3am.  I'm still tired.

Even though we lost, the three of us got to see Bobby Dodd Stadium and Kevin can cross that one off of his list.  I have to say, we probably won't be going back to Atlanta to watch Clemson play ever again.  I think the city must have a curse on it for the Tigers. :)

Happy Halloween weekend!  Hope everyone out there had a FUN, SAFE and FESTIVE weekend!

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