Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shoe Shoppin'

On Tuesday Kevin and I went to Khol’s and Academy Sports to find a few things he needed for his trip to the PGA tournament in Kiawah next week. While he was looking for his stuff, I took Kate and wandered around. Of course I ended up in the shoe section. I found the CUTEST little Nike’s and had to try them on Kate. They fit perfectly. So I put her on the ground and let her walk around in them. She would high-step in them, since she isn’t used to wearing REAL shoes. She normally wears sandals, but not something that covers her entire foot. I let her walk for a few minutes and then put her back into the shopping cart so I could put the shoes back. Well, she did NOT want me to take those shoes off of her feet.  Seriously. She got so mad when I tried to take them off.

I ended up having to put her in the big part of the shopping cart and push her around until we found Kevin so Kate could show him her shoes.  Not that she told me to do that.  It's just the only thing that stopped the crying.

I really wasn't planning on actually getting the shoes, but I caved.  I'll wrap them up and let her open them next week as her birthday present. :) Besides, every girl needs a good pair of tennis shoes, right?


  1. Aww! What size did y'all end up getting Kate?

    1. I'm so behind on responding to comments! When are y'all coming back? I ended up getting her a size 4 but once we got home, I decided they are too small. I think Nike's run small though. She wears a size 3 right now in other shoes, and she still has a little room to grow. The size 4 in the Nike's JUST fit her. So I'm scared that they won't fit her for very much longer. I'm going to exchange them for a 5. HOPEFULLY they'll have size 5!!

    2. Sorry! I didn't think to check this before I sent you that text. We came back today and it feels so good to be home! My mom says she'll keep her eyes on the lookout. If you still happen to have it could you email me the link to the braided hair "thing" you did? It looked really cute and I'd like to try it out.


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