Saturday, August 4, 2012


Kate is big on "sharing" right now, which is a good and bad thing.  

When she eats her dinner, she will shove a few pieces in her mouth and then hold some out to me.  If I open my mouth, she'll stick it in there as if to say "now you have some".

A few nights ago she was playing with a cup in the bathtub.  She would hold it up to her mouth like she was drinking out of it (don't worry- I wouldn't actually let her have water in the cup).  Then she would hold it out to me as if to say "your turn!".

And now, she's shared her cold with me again.  What a thoughtful little girl.  Her 1 year molars have started to come in, and I honestly thought that all of her cold symptoms were related to the teething and not an actual cold.  It wasn't until I woke up with a sore throat, sinus headache, and all-around yucky feeling that I realize Kate really DID have a cold.  I'm a terrible mommy.  We're both on the mend now, so all is well and we're enjoying our last week with an under-1-year-old.

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