Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Trick or Treat

Yesterday was Halloween.  Shocker, right? I'm sure you have all seen millions of pictures on Facebook and Instagram of people's kids all dressed up.  If you're totally over it, then just skip right past this because guess what I'm about to do.

Yep - here are some pictures of the girls last night.

The Disney princess game is still strong in our house and continued into 2017.  

First up is Pocahontas. Kate saw this in a Disney store earlier this year and got this outfit for her birthday. Double win is that the shoes can be worn this fall/winter.  

She and I spent Halloween afternoon in the doctors office, where she got some meds for a pretty bad sinus infection. Nothing was going to stop her from trick or treating though!

And next is Rapunzel.  Karsten would never give me a straight answer as to who (or what) she wanted to be for Halloween, so I went to JC Penny and took pictures of all the Disney costumes that were 50% off. Ha! She picked Rapunzel, so I went back and bought it.  She was excited for all of 5 minutes. Then anytime someone would ask her what she was going to be for Halloween, she gave them a different answer:

"I'm gonna be a spider!"

"I'm gonna be Buzz Lightyear!"

"I'm gonna be Holly from Winnie the Pooh!"

and then I'd remind her that she already picked Rapunzel and she'd happily go back to that. 

"I'm gonna be Rapunzel!"

To me, these are two pretty recognizable costumes but apparently they were not. Kate was consistently confused with Moana and Karsten was called Princess Sophia a few times.  I can see the similarities, and can definitely see how people were mistaken. 

We met up with friends at a nearby neighborhood for trick or treating.  They had a blast (of course).

We took the stroller but Karsten walked about 99% of the time. She was a trooper and didn't want to get left of from what the big girls were doing. 

And that was that.  We're starting to run out of Disney princesses that we don't already have costumes for.  I'm wondering how much longer this tradition will continue!

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