Sunday, November 5, 2017


I did a great job of writing down most of the cute/funny things that Kate would say when she was younger, and in typical 2nd child fashion, I've done a not-so-good job of doing that with Karsten. BUT, I do have a few that I've saved up over the last little bit.

Karsten has pretty much stopped doing this, but when she was younger (maybe around age 2 - 2 and a half), she had a pretty hilarious saying when she would get mad.  If you told her something that she didn't like, she would look at you, cross her arms, stomp her foot and say "all da timmmee".  I have no idea where she got this and can only think she was trying to say something like "you tell me no all the time", but all that she really would say is "all da time".  Too funny.

On the weekend college football started back, Georgia played a night game.  The girls got to see the first few minutes, but then it was time for bed.  I got Karsten ready and told her I'd meet her in her room after I finished with Kate.  Well, when I finished getting Kate's bedtime bathroom things done (brush teeth, medicines, etc), I left the bathroom and went into Karsten's room. Karsten wasn't there. I found her in mine and Kevin's room.  She was on our bed, and had somehow figured out how to turn the TV on, turn on the Roku and change the channel to the Georgia game.  I laughed at her and said "Karsten? What are you doing?"  She looked at me and said "I gotta watch Georgia play on PBSPN". Clearly she watches a lot of PBS.

Kate's school uses the ClassDojo App to keep parents informed of their child's progress, behavior, activities, etc. Every day, Kate tells me how many "Dojo Points" she earned that day, and I ask if she LOST any "Dojo Points" for bad behavior. (They can trade in earned points for rewards.) Karsten goes to my mother in law's house each day but wants to be just like Kate, so each day she tells me how many "Jojo Points" she got at Nana's house. Yesterday she said, "I lost all of my 'Jojo Points' because I pee peed in my pull up." It's so funny to hear her come up with stories on why she earns or loses points each day.

Karsten: Let's go to Mr. Bunkers!!!
Me: Huh?
Karsten: Mr. Bunkers!
Me: I don't know what Mr. Bunkers is.
Karsten points to the Clemson sticker on the back of my car - THATs Mr. Bunkers.
Me: Ohhhh - Mr. Knickerbockers?
Karsten: Yea. That's what I said. Mr. Bunkers.

Karsten clearly understood that Halloween meant dressing up, but didn't really "get" the whole concept.  On Halloween night, after about an hour of walking and trick or treating, I could tell Karsten was starting to get tired. We took the stroller but she wanted to be a big kid and walk the whole time.  Finally, she looked up and me and said "Mommy.  I'm tired of walking. When are we going to get to Halloween??"

I wish I could somehow relay tone of voice through here, but I can't. So this won't be as funny or cute but I hope that years from now when I read this, I'll be able to hear her sweet voice in my head: 
Karsten has been exploring ways to express herself when she's happy, surprised, etc.  Kate often says "Oh man!" to show her shock.  Karsten has tried out "Oh wow!" and "Oh my!" but the latest is "Ohhhhh snap!"  The voice she gets when she says this is hilarious though.  She tells us "That's what Mr. Pickles says." so it must be from something on TV. Where ever it came from, I hope it stays around for a bit! 

This girl is getting funnier by the day, and keeps us all laughing. We love her so!

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