Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Cookies!

A sweet friend from church sent me a text message a week before Christmas and asked if she could "borrow" my kids for the night. It was to give Kevin and me a date night, and also have some fun with the girls as they decorated Christmas cookies. I knew the kids would love it (and so would Kevin and I) so of course I said yes!

Unfortunately, by the time the weekend rolled around Karsten had a terrible cold and just felt awful. So we had to cancel. The cookies had already been made so she dropped them off at our house with all of the supplies for us to do as a family activity.

Just like I thought, the girls had a blast.

 Kate as all into decorating her cookies.  Karsten put a few drops of icing on each one, and then turned her attention to EATING the cookies. Yumm!

Finished product! Not too shabby. And they really did taste great. 

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