Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas Adam and Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family on December 23rd and 24th.  My parents came up early Friday morning and we had big plans to spend the day doing fun things downtown. So we did!

First up was ice skating on a rink that they set up in our downtown area each year. It was fun, and also dangerous.  Luckily no injuries from any of us, but when you're skating around with a bunch of southerners who don't know how to skate (myself included), it's surprising to escape without a fall or a collision.

Kate is very stubborn and when she doesn't get something immediately, she wants to quit.  When we first got there, they were out of the blue walker-looking things, so she was plastered against the side of the rink.  After about 2 min, she wanted to quit but I snagged one of these things when a kid was getting off and it helped SO much. 

She won't be winning any ice skating medals anytime soon, but she had SO much fun and for her first time ever ice skating, I think she did awesome!

Of course, she would rather hang out with Kristi and Davis than her not-cool parents. 

Then we headed to grab a bite to eat, and I got a quick picture with the kid who currently still thinks I hung the moon.  She is a mama's girl for sure. 

We walked around for a bit, and stopped in some local shops.  Basically, we just had a leisurely afternoon in our downtown area, and it was so fun! 

Friday night we celebrated mine and Davis' December birthdays with dinner at Olive Garden - Yumm!!  And then, we drove around to see some of the very best Christmas lights in our area.  Then home for Cheesecake Factory desserts. As you can tell, we definitely had a low-fat Friday. :) 

Saturday morning we cooked an all-out Christmas breakfast (eggs, grits, bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls, english muffins, etc) and then opened presents. 

We had a blast spending the days celebrating Christmas with this crew. I love them so!

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  1. Those are really nice pictures. I must say that you have enjoyed this Christmas a lot.


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