Friday, December 11, 2015

Crafty Husband

I'm on Pinterest and often find things that I'd love to do, but they're just a bit much for me.  I do not regularly use power tools. :)  So of course, a lot of the pallet projects are a bit out of my league, though I do love a lot of them!

However, about a week ago, Kevin saw a Christmas tree pallet that someone had done and shared on Facebook.  He definitely wouldn't have seen it on Pinterest since he does NOT have an account.  (Let's face it, Pinterest is probably a pretty female-dominated social media platform anyway!)  So, he saw a picture, said "I can do that" and decided to take this on as a Daddy/Daughter project with Kate.

So this is what they did last weekend...

For obvious reasons, Kate was left out of the cutting portion of this activity, but she sure loved the rest and took control of the lights...

Not sure why the picture below shows the wood grain. It looks like solid painted green in real life.  They did a great job! And now this thing is plugged in and lighting up our back yard.  Kate LOVES to pull into the driveway and see it sitting there.

And now that Kevin has taken on a Pinterest project on his own, and done such a great job at it, I may be making a list for him of things to do! :) 

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