Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday- Kateisms

I'm linking up again for Five on Friday, but thought I'd do something a little different.  Since Kate is so full of funny things right now, I thought I'd share just a few of the things she has said lately....

- ONE -
I took Kate for her 2 year well-check a few weeks ago, and at the end of the appointment, the doctor wanted to check her blood sugar and give her one final vaccination.  Kate had no idea what was coming, so she was happily sitting on the edge of the table when the nurse came in to do her job.  She watched as the nurse grabbed her hand, and then wiped off her finger with an alcohol wipe.   Then, before Kate knew what was happening, the nurse pricked her finger.   She loudly gasped and said “Oh no!”.  It wasn’t until she saw blood that she started crying.  Through the tears you could hear her saying “Got you! Got you!” to the nurse, to which the nurse responded “Yeah.  I got you!” 

- TWO -
I bought a cake mix and icing at the grocery store a while, thinking that Kate would enjoy helping me bake cupcakes.  Of course we made a big mess in the process, but she loved it.  I had her stand back while I put the cupcakes in the oven, and then she would check on their progress every few minutes.  When the timer finally went off, I pulled them out of the oven and then picked her up to show her how they came out. She took one look at them and said “Not bad, Mommy.”  Gee thanks, Kate!

I’ve been talking to Kate about being sorry when she does things wrong.  I also told her that it makes God sad when we do things wrong, and he likes for us to appologize to him too.  About a week after we had that conversation, Kate and I were in the car driving to church.  She was coughing in the back seat and I reminded her that she needs to cover her mouth when she coughs.  She looked at me in the mirror and said “Sorry, Mommy.”  And then looked straight up at the ceiling of the car and said “Sorry, God.”   I’m still amazed at the things she remembers.

- FOUR -
Tuesday evening we were in the car driving back from dinner and I decided to ask Kate what she learned at "school" that day.  Her class is working on their colors, so I was expecting her to tell me about the color red.  Instead, we had the following conversation:

Me: Kate, what did you learn at school today?
Kate: (blank look on her face)
Me: What did you learn?  What did your teacher's talk to you about today?
Kate: (smiles slyly and starts wagging her fingers)  No get up. Told you lay down!
Kevin and I almost died laughing.  That conversation actually sounds about right.  I'm guessing she had trouble taking a nap on her mat Tuesday.

- FIVE -
Kate has started getting really jealous of Kevin and me when we're together.  She doesn't like to see us hug or hold hands and will run between us and try to get one of us to pick her up. One day she saw us holding hands in the car and kept yelling from the back seat "Stop! Let go!!"  Sunday before church, Kevin came to give me a hug before he left.  Kate saw it and started crying, so I tried to explain to her that Kevin is my husband.  She kept crying and saying "No, MY husband! MY husband!"

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