Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dance Girl 2.0

Kate's 2nd and 3rd ballet classes went MUCH better than the first one.  She actually paid attention and listened, instead of running around and doing her own thing.  Some of the other little girls opened up a bit, so Kate was not the only loud little girl with a lot of energy. :) 

She really is learning a lot about ballet.  Her first day they learned first position, and her second day they learned second position and how to plie.  And during the third class they learned how to do battement (which I guess are basically high kicks).  Although I did ballet a lot when I was younger, I'm not familiar with all the terminology, so I love that she's learning proper names for things.  

It's so funny because she KNOWS when it's time for dance.  Last Thursday, we were driving to her class and as soon as she saw the building, she yelled out "DANCE!" and pointed to the studio.  So, I think this is going to be a fun semester for her.  The recitals should be interesting...

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  1. What a beautiful ballet dancer you have there. I know my two year old wouldn't pay attention and do well yet so I'm going to wait at least another year before enrolling her in dance. I did that also when I was younger but I gave up too quickly.


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