Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Goodies

I know you're probably sick of seeing Valentine's stuff by now, especially since it was a few days ago, but I've got to share one more.  This year was Kate's first year of handing out Valentine's to her friends at her Mother's Day Out program and at church.  Of course, I had more fun with it than she did. I saw TONS of cute ideas on Pinterest, including this one.  Although I thought they were adorable, I thought it would be too hard to track down shovels at this time of year so I passed on the idea.  One of my friends, Marcie, saw the same idea, and was smart enough to get online to find shovels.  Didn't hers turn out great? 

You can pop over to her blog and see more.  I love them!

Anyway, I also saw these on Pinterest and thought they were pretty do-able...


After looking at, I decided to switch things up a little bit.  This is what I ordered from Walmart (obviously with Kate's picture).  I ordered 5 sheets so that I would have 15 total Valentines, and it cost less than $2.

I cut the top picture away from the bottom part, and then glued each piece to one side of red card stock.  Then I filled heard shaped treat bags, purchased at Target for $1, with some sweet goodies.  I finished them off by tying on the tag with red ribbon.  I think they turned out well.

And here are close ups of the front and back.

So those were Kate's 2013 Valentines.  I'm sure before long she will be begging for the store bought princess Valentines, which is fine, but for now I'll have fun making our own. :)

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