Saturday, February 9, 2013

Easy Toddler Valentine Art

Since Kate is still very young, we haven't attempted many art projects yet.  However, we broke out some paper and stickers a few weeks ago and she LOVED it.  She has asked to do this again multiple times, so today I thought I would attempt a little Valentines art project that involved paint. Call me crazy.

I'm sure you've all seen this pin multiple times on Pinterest since sometime last year...

So I kept this in mind, and thought MAYBE Kate would like to do it this year.  Oh she did!  I set up everything in our garage and we got started...

I didn't get any pictures while we were actually doing it, because I had my hands full.  I used all pink and red (and added in some glitter, of course).  The funnies thing was when I squirted out the red, Kate thought it was ketchup. :) I didn't have any problems, but I definitely reminded her that we couldn't eat the paint, just in case she got any ideas.

It was SO easy to do.  I bought a small canvas at Hobby Lobby (2 for $3) . Then I used Duct Tape to make the "LOVE" outline on the canvas, making sure to press the tape down on all the edges.  Then I let Kate have at it!  After everything was dried, I pulled off the tape and it was finished!

So here is Kate's final project...

And then I found the perfect place for it in her room...

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