Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kate's "Jeep"

Well I am SO glad that I wrote this post a few days ago and then just saved it as a draft, because apparently Kate wanted to share whatever she had.  Now I don't feel so great, but luckily have a post already saved to share with you.  :)

We have been so lucky to get some really great hand-me-downs for Kate.  Kate's high chair came from a sweet family in our church, and just a few days ago we received another pretty great hand-me-down from a different family in our church.  

 She calls is her "jeep" and you better believe that she LOVED it. She did not want to get off  and cried when I made her come inside. 

 It has two speeds and a reverse, and even has a seat belt! I was very impressed. My sister and I went through two little red jeeps similar to this when we we little, but of course it was not this fancy. :)  

On another note, any guesses as to what I've been up to?  Here's a hint...

Yes, I have been trying to get ideas for Kate's 2nd birthday.  I know, it's still a good ways off (August), but I would prefer to have a plan and be able to buy small pieces here and there instead of all at once. Plus, it's fun! :)  What have YOU done for 2nd birthday parties? 

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