Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pantry Organization

When Kevin and I bought our house, we knew there were a few things we HAD to change.  One of them was the pantry.  It is tiny.  Seriously. The door to our pantry is about 1/2 of the size of a normal door.  Maybe even smaller. 

When we moved in, there were about 6 shelves.  Not good shelves, but some kind of 1980's leftover counter-top boards that had been recycled.  They were so close together that you couldn't get anything in and out, so we ended up having to remove 3 of the shelves.  Which now meant that we only had 3 shelves TOTAL.  Oh, and they were installed on a slant. On purpose.  We hated them, so it was on our list to update the pantry pretty quickly.  

Five years later, we're finally getting around to doing it. :)  Here's the final product...

And now, here are a few before and after pictures, since that's always fun...

I realize that to some people the "after" pictures don't seem much more organized than the "before" pictures, but it definitely is.  We went from 3 terrible shelves, to 5 shelves that aren't too deep, and are level.  And we added the shelves to the door itself.  It's a big improvement for us. Just wish we'd done it sooner.

It ended up taking about a week to finish everything up because we had to rip out the old shelves, repair the drywall, install a board on either side of the pantry to secure our shelves to, paint, and then measure, cut and install the shelves themselves. It was a bigger job than either of us really thought it would be.

In the meantime, all of our food lived on our dining room table, and SOMEBODY thought that meant that she could get snacks anytime she wanted...

So that's part of what's been going on at our house this week.  Have any of you been doing some home improvements lately?


  1. I have zero panty space...we're supposed to do something about it this year!

    1. You will feel SO much better when you get it done. I keep looking in there and telling Kevin "this makes me happy"! :)

  2. Love the pantry makeover!
    We just moved into our new home and I don't know how I survived so long without a pantry! I would love to organize ours like the ones I see on Pinterest. Maybe one day...
    Also love your dining table!

    1. Pinterest gave me the inspiration to do ours. :) My husband has a love/hate relationship with pinterest. I'm sure he loves the food but hates all of the home improvement projects I end up pushing on him! Ha!


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