Wednesday, January 23, 2013


There are certain things that are just SO Kate right now (Kate-isms), and I want to be able to remember these in a few years.

I have been working to get Kate to say "please" when asking for something.  Lately, when she asks for a snack I'll say to her "What do you say?"

Her response: "Gobble, Gooble"

Kate has really learned what the word "snack" means so she loves to point at the cabinet where we keep her food and say "'nack 'nack".  This was especially bad when all of our pantry food was temporarily in our dining room.  She would be able to SEE all of the food, but not get to it because we had baby gates up.  She would just stand at the door, point to all of the food, and whine "'nack, 'nack".

Kevin is no longer "Daddy", he is now referred to as "Daddies" and I'm sure this is my fault.  Kate is into EVERYTHING and it seems like most of the no-no items that she likes to grab are Kevin's. She'll grab his wallet, his keys, his laptop, his phone, etc.  When she grabs those things, I'll usually say "No, those are Daddy's." Apparently that has led her to believe that his name is really Daddies, so that's what she calls him. :) Kevin has told me I can't tell her that anymore.  I have to say "Those are not yours" or "Those belong to someone else" so maybe we can break this habit, which I happen to think is cute.

In the past week or so, Kate has started saying "hee-go" when she gives us something.  It took me a few times before I figured out she was saying "here you go", it just happens to come out "hee-go".

She LOVES her shoes, and if she sees a pair, she has to put them on.  She calls them her "ooosh".


  1. How fun! I started a journal of my daughters "Sierra-ism" when she was 2. She is now 9 and I am still adding to it!!! My favorite was when she was a toddler she would say break-a-be instead of breakable.

    1. I am sure it is so much fun to go back and read about when she was two! I'm looking forward to being able to do that in the years to come.

  2. That is just too adorable!!! I can't wait to start hearing "Anley-isms" Kate is just too cute!!!

    1. I have to keep putting them in a "note" on my iPhone just so I can remember them all! Now that she has started talking a lot more, she says the cutest things!


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