Wednesday, January 9, 2013

InstaLife Update

Well my baby is sick with the flu so this is the only kind of update I have time for. She woke up Tuesday morning with a fever of 104.3. Pretty scary.  We were at the doctor's office when they opened and confirmed that she did, in fact, have the flu.  She'd gotten the flu shot at her 15 month appointment but as we know, those things aren't 100% effective.  Anyway, her fever has been hard to control- it even got as high as 104.9 and pretty much stayed around 103 for a while, even with tylenol.  We're switching between Tylenol and Ibuprofen and hopefully that will help, although it has not been "normal" since she got sick.  Please pray she recovers quickly and doesn't have any other complications. 
Can you believe how much she has changed in one year?  I sure can't! I'm pretty sure I won't be able to hold her next Christmas.

Kate has discovered this corner in our house and it's become her new favorite place to hang out.  Guess she doesn't know what corners are really for yet.
Playing around with hats in The Children's Place. 
We took her with us to the beach for our youth retreat and she discovered the telephone. This was the first time she'd really seen a phone that had a cord. :) 
Sweet sleeping baby.  This doesn't happen much.
We should have just gotten her boxes for Christmas.  She LOVED playing with this one.
She loves her Daddy and her dogs (and just being outside in general).
She just had to help me put together her Christmas present... a table and chairs from Gigi and Papa Rick!

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  1. what a cutie!!! i just love her locks!

    i am a new follower! nice to meet you :)


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