Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sick Girl- Again

I have a sick little girl, again.  She did great until 7 months and now it seems like she is catching a cold just about every month.  She's on #3 right now.  You wouldn't tell from the pictures below that she's sick, but she was pretty pitiful Tuesday night and Wednesday night.  

Kate's such an independent little baby.  Normally, she does NOT want to be held or cuddled.  She does like to be carried around but for the most part, she would rather crawl around, play and basically do things on her own.  However, on Tuesday and Wednesday, all she wanted to do is be held and cuddled.  I'm not going to lie, I like that part.  I don't like the part where I can tell she doesn't feel good.  She would cry, then crawl over to me, get into my lap and just lay her head on me.  So sweet and so sad. 

Tonight she's still congested and stuffy, but at least she's happy again...

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  1. Hope that Kate feels better soon!! Has she been teething? Sometimes that is the cause of my nieces colds. By the way, she looks so precious in these photos. Hope you have a wonderful weekend & that Kate is back to her healthy self quickly!



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