Thursday, May 31, 2012

Livin' Life

And I STILL need to do a Memorial Day post, but it seems like we've just been sooo busy the past few days!  Plus we've been watching the DVR'd Hatfield & McCoy mini-series that came on the History Channel and it has been really, really good.  Anyway, Kevin had a softball game tonight and Kate's already in bed (8:20) so I actually have a few minutes to blog about today! 

Kate took a short nap when I got home, but woke up right before Kevin had to leave for his game.  I took Kate outside to play on the swing since we hadn't done that in a while and she started smiling and bouncing when she realized where we were going.

We played in the yard a little longer and she practiced her standing skills.  She seriously stood all by herself for at least a minute.  She was SO proud of herself. 

And of course, she tried to eat the grass... again.  I spent the next few minutes trying to distract her.

I've said it before, but one of Kate's favorite parts of the day is bath time.

And one of her NEW favorite parts of the day is when I brush her teeth.  She thinks it is so fun and is usually laughing the whole time.  

By the way, I was laughing at myself when I went to take this picture.  I felt like a 15 year old teenager taking a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror, but since Kevin wasn't home there was no other way to get this!  

Sorry for the totally boring post!  At least you got some cute pictures of Kate. :) 

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