Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just Say "No"

I can't believe this sweet little girl will be 9 months old in just one week!  Wow! She's also learned something that I wish she'd waited a little bit longer to learn.  She's learned to shake her head "No"!  This was definitely not something that we taught her.  She just picked it up on her own.  The funny thing is, she can use it in context! 

I tried to get a video of it tonight, but she was too busy playing to pay me any attention.  But, you can ask her questions and she'll just smile and shake her head "No".  I'm working on teaching her "Yes".  

Tonight, she would crawl over to the edge of the rug and try to pull it up.  I'd say "No, Kate" and she'd look up at me and just shake her head.  Then she'd go right back to pulling up the rug.  Oh boy.  We're in trouble. 

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  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following you so I can keep up with y'all! So fun we are both Clemson girls. I have my masters from there. Hubs has bachelor masters and soon phd.. So we are hooked on our tigers!

    Can't wait to get to know you better! :)


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