Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last Saturday of Busy Season

The end of busy season is in sight!  YAY!  If only Monday wasn't some Washington DC holiday, we'd be finished a day sooner.  But, tax day will be here April 17th and then busy season will be officially O-V-E-R.  :) 

I had to work all day while Kevin was home with Kate.  I'm pretty sure that Kevin is just as ready for busy season to be over as I am!  After I got home, we went to Five Guys for a quick dinner.  The puffs kept Kate happy again.  We've found the secret to eating dinner out... for now! 

I ran into Old Navy since it is right near Five Guys and I had a coupon.  Tried on a bathing suit, but didn't have any luck so I got Kate a few things for really cheap.  We had plans to go to Walmart to look for a cushion/pad for our fireplace because right now it looks like this...

But we just went home because it was getting close to Kate's bedtime, she was starting to get fussy, and we'd already woken her up from her nap a little early anyway.  After her bath, we had a little play time in her room before bed. Here's my happy baby.  She is getting into EVERYTHING!

Happy weekend!

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  1. WooHoo! Excited for you! I know Tuesday can't get here soon enough:)


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