Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Monday

Ahhh. Things are finally getting back to normal around here and we're finally recovering from all of this sickness.  Kate has just about gotten over her first cold.  We're lucky that it was a very mild one and she really wasn't too fussy with it.  Kevin and I have both pretty much gotten over our bout with food poisoning.  My case was definitely a bit worse than his, and I ended up resting most of Saturday and Sunday.

And because I was out of work a few days, things were pretty hectic today.  I think I'll be playing catch-up all week. :)  But this little girl makes it so much fun to come home in the evenings.  Here are a couple of pictures from Sunday night, right after her bath.

She's gotten her first tooth and it looks like her second is about to pop through too!  How exciting!  Maybe it's because of the teething, but she's decided that she would much rather have her bottle than eat solids.  Before this week, she LOVED eating solids and would say "mmmmm" after and in-between every bite.  Now she just pushes the spoon away and looks over to where we keep her bottles.

And now here are a few other pictures from tonight. Check out her new "skill"...

Yes! She's standing!  She does have her back against the couch, but she's definitely standing up on her own.  She can't pull up yet but if you stand her up against something, she'll pull her hands away so she's doing it all on her own.  Can you tell in the first picture how excited she was that she was standing all by herself? 

And, here she is enjoying her new books...

And then it was bedtime.  Yes, my child is under all those blankets.  One of the first things she does when she is sleepy is pull a blanket over her head, and she's done this for as long as we can remember.

'Night everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful Monday.


  1. Kate is so cute! Glad y'all are feeling better! My mom had food positioning too! Wonder if from se restaurant?!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Your little guy is adorable, too!

  3. That is so funny that she pulls her blankie over her head! Jack pulls his right up to his neck, just below the chin. Every night that's the first thing he does.

    Those cheeks are just too much! She is a doll baby!

    1. It sounds like Jack and Kate have a lot in common. :) Hope the party plans are coming along. We'll be doing the same thing in August!

  4. I love that robe!! She is just too precious!

  5. I can't believe her robe still fits her! I will have to look for another one for her once she out grows the frog one!
    Your blog looks adorable! Love the header!


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