Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Little Bank Robber

This morning, as I was getting Kate ready for church, I noticed that she looked pretty funny.  I brought her in the kitchen, where Kevin was eating breakfast, and told him that I dressed Kate up as a little bank robber this morning.  Kevin took a picture with his phone and showed it off, and we also got the comment that she looked like a little baby ninja. :)

She actually had on a really cute red dress OVER all of this, but I failed to get a picture after she was fully dressed.

We had yet another packed weekend.  On Saturday, we took our youth group on a Christmas shopping trip to the Tanger outlets in Commerce, Georgia.  We left at 10 am and got back around 8.  Long day.  It was fun and we got most of our Christmas shopping finished up.  Although, I do still have a few people left on my list.

We went to church this morning and then came back home afterward to pack up a few things.  Then we headed to Six Mile, SC for a baby shower for one of Kevin's old friends.  They're having a little girl in February, or sooner!  We both enjoyed seeing some people we hadn't seen in a while, and meeting new friends.  We got home about 5:15 tonight and since then, we've just been somewhat lazy.  I figure we deserve it since the rest of our weekend has been non-stop.  Although, I cannot believe that there is just one more weekend before Christmas!  What?  I didn't even realize Christmas was THAT close until today.  Crazy.

Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend.  Is everybody else done with their Christmas shopping, or am I the only slacker left with some shopping still to be done?


  1. I accidently clicked your blog instead of a school link and decided to read your newest post and I must say... It just made my WEEK seeing her quilt make it's first appearance on your blog!

  2. We LOVE her quilt! Thanks for making it for her. :)

  3. Well I'm really glad that y'all like it! I am not making another one for a LONG time! :)


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