Monday, December 5, 2011

Kate's First Christmas Parade

On Sunday Kate got to experience her first Christmas parade.  She was pumped. :) Just kidding. Our church had a big float and while some people rode on the float, others walked and handed out candy.  WE decided to push Kate in the stroller and hand out candy.  Here was our float....

Our band rode on the float and played nonstop throughout the parade. We walked behind them handing out candy.  And this was Kate for the entire parade...

Yep- she slept through the entire thing!  She went to sleep right about when it started, and when we pulled into the parking lot at the end, THIS is what she looked like...

So even though she slept through her first parade, she apparently enjoyed it. :) Of course we had to get one quick family picture before we headed home.

And so begins the first of all of the CHRISTMAS festivities. Merry Christmas!

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