Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy 4 Month Birthday!

I'm about a week late in posting this, but oh well.  Kate was 4 months old last Saturday and I wanted to post some pictures with her cute monthly stickers to mark the occasion.  She wasn't in the mood for picture-taking when I took these so they're not that great but she's still cute anyway.  I LOVE these stickers.  It's so neat to be able to look and see how much she has changed in just 1 month (or 4 months). 

Here's the run-down on what Kate is doing this month:
1. Smiling- Kate's a smiley little girl.  It melts my heart to walk into her room in the morning when she's just woken up and see her smiling up at me. Awesome.
2. Laughing- This is a new one.  She's been laughing for a while, but just a 1-laugh kind of thing that almost sounded like a cough.  She finally figured out the whole laughing thing and we get rewarded with those little giggles when she thinks something is amusing.
3. Rolling Over- Kate rolled over in her crib about a month and a half ago, but it seemed like it was a one time thing.  Last week we woke up to find her sleeping on her stomach, and since then we've been REALLY trying to get her to roll over.  She's been pretty close, but hadn't quite made it all the way over. She'd keep getting stuck with her arm underneath her.  Well, this morning I was trying to prompt her to roll over and she just looked up at me and it's almost like she was thinking "Okay Mom" because she rolled over perfectly and then looked up at me again as if to say "See".  I was definitely proud!
4. Door Bouncer- We pulled this thing down from her closet this week to see how she'd like it and she seems to enjoy it.  The first time we put her in it, she looked like she was shocked that she was "standing" up all on her own. I think she's going to enjoy this toy.
5. Eating- Kate has five 7-8 oz bottles a day.  We still haven't started solids at all (including rice cereal) but she goes to the doctor this week, so we'll see what he says.  Every person we talk to has a different opinion on when to start solids, but we've decided to wait until we talk to her doctor.  We really like her pediatrician and trust his opinion.

And after all of that recap, here are a few cute pictures!

My how she has changed in just 4 short months!


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