Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roadtrip to NC- Part 2

So while we were in NC, we had to do something to break up the drive a little bit.  So, on our way home we decided to stop by NC State & UNC's football stadiums.  We got to NC State's first.  Their stadium is not on-campus and it is actually in a big complex where their basketball arena is also.  So, we pulled in and the first thing we saw was a man directing traffic and tons of big orange cones.  This did not look good.  Apparently they were having a concert or some kind of big event and this guy was trying to direct us to the pay-for-parking lot.  No thanks.  We told him we just wanted to turn around, and he was nice enough about it.  So, we were 0-1 in seeing the stadiums at this point.

We drove about 20 more minutes to UNC's campus and decided just to park and walk over to see the stadium.  They were doing work on the inside and somebody must have accidentally left a gate open, which was really lucky for us!   We just walked right on in!  We took a few pictures, and then went on up to the upper deck to check out the view from there.

After a taking a few pictures of Kevin, I told him that I wanted a picture.  So, I handed him the camera and gave him this pose to capture.  I definitely wanted some payback from the night before in Clemson.  Go Tigers! Click HERE to see the post from that night. 

And once we finished there, we headed over to Dean E Smith Center to see where the Tar Heels play basketball.  If you'd asked me the name of where they play BEFORE this day, I wouldn't have had a clue.  But of course, Kevin did.  His dream vacation would be traveling around to see stadiums and stuff like this.

We weren't as lucky here.  The doors were definitely locked, so we couldn't go inside.  So, we opted to take a few quick pictures outside to prove we Kevin had actually been here.

And after all of these stops, we decided it was time to come home... well back to SC anyway.  We were still "homeless" at this point, since our A/C and well pump were both crispy fried by lightening.  It had been a long, and exciting day.

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