Sunday, July 10, 2011

Other Weekend Excitement

So, our meeting with the expectant couple was not the only exciting stuff happening to us this weekend.  In fact, our weekend started out with a road trip with Kristi to eat at Cook Out, a new-er restaurant in Clemson.  It's sort of like a Five Guys, except cheaper but just as good.  AND, when you order a burger combo, you get two sides.  Their sides are the normal stuff like french fries, slaw, etc, but in addition they have sides like corn dogs, quesadillas, and chicken nuggets. So, you can get a meal of a cheeseburger, quesadillas AND corn dogs.  Yeah, that's a weird combination but you get my drift.  They also have TONS of milkshakes.  It was pretty good.  Kristi and I were really just looking for an excuse to go back to Clemson, so of course after we finished dinner we had to drive back to campus and walk around for a bit.  Here are a few pictures from that night....

Kevin had a "theme" going with his pictures.  He wasn't feeling the Clemson love.  Anyway, back to the story.  We drove back home, got there around 10:30ish and went inside our house.  Everything seemed normal.  About 30 min later, Kevin went to turn on the TV to look for Braves highlights. He pushed the power button on the remote and nothing happened.  Then he went into our bedroom and tried to turn on that TV, and again nothing happened.  He tried every TV in the house and none of them would turn on.  We also figured out that none of the cable boxes would turn on, our sound system wouldn't turn on, and our router wasn't working.  We figured that lightening must have struck our house.  Then we realized that it was really starting to get hot inside.  It sounded like the A/C was running, but when you felt the air coming out it really wasn't that cold.  We went outside to check the unit, and it wasn't even running.  Great.  Now we have no air.  But it doesn't stop there.  We have a well.  Kevin turned on the water to see if the well pump was working.  And it wasn't.  Now, we have no water.  That STILL isn't everything.  Our dogs have an underground pet fence.  As we were checking on the A/C unit we checked the "brain" that sends the signal to the fence.  It looked like somebody had pounded on it with a hammer.  It literally looks like it exploded.  Kevin tried to repair the dog fence today, and 1/2 of the wire around our yard had basically disintegrated.
So, the total damage ended up being our A/C unit (a circuit board was blown up), our well pump (fried), every TV we own, 2 cable boxes/DVR, our wireless router, and our underground dog fence (exploded).  Not to mention that we were having to deal with this at 11:30 at night, knowing that we had to get up at 5 something the next morning to go meet with an expectant couple to discuss adopting their child!  We went to Kevin's dad's house to spend the night and ended up crawling in bed well after 1:30.  What a day!  I guess THIS is what you have homeowners insurance for.  We're both just thankful that we did not have a fire, and that we came home to a HOUSE instead of fire trucks.  We know that we were extremely lucky.  The cable man came to our house today and after looking at everything, he said he doesn't know how we didn't have a fire.  It had to have been a God thing, and both of us realize how lucky we are.
So, like I said, this has been one eventful weekend and one we will never forget.  Although it didn't START off very well, it definitely got better and better and ended up being a FANTASTIC weekend.

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