Saturday, July 2, 2011

3 Day Weekend- Yes!

We're back from the lake!  Kevin and I went to my parent's house Friday after work and spent the evening and basically all of Saturday at the lake.  The dogs LOVE it there, and we always have a great time too.  We have an extra "brain" for the underground fence, and the past few times we have been using that to contain our dogs when we stay with my parents.  We'll hook up the "brain" and just run the wire around the yard, throw up some white flags, and the dogs stay in the yard.  However, when I packed up all of the dogs stuff for the weekend (food, water bowl, leashes, etc) I forgot to pack their collars.  So, we got to the lake and had no way to contain them except for the huge crate that we put in the back of the truck for traveling on the interstate with dogs.  Oops!  They very much like to explore so it made for a tough day.

I'm from a very small town, and a few years ago the town started an annual 4th of July town wide festival.  The event is huge one for our small town, and includes all kinds of vendors, bands, and of course, fireworks.  We weren't able to make it to the festival last year, but we were excited that it worked out for us to go this year.  We had a great time seeing old friends and seeing the (almost) entire town come together for a really fun event.  We even got some of the famous Doright's Delight BBQ sauce! :)  

And now we're back at home and the first day of my 3 day weekend is complete. It was such a great day and I always enjoy getting to go back "home" for a visit.  Here's to hoping that the next two days are just as good!

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