Sunday, June 26, 2011

Max & Cooper- After Church Entertainment

Shockingly, Max and Cooper haven't found their way over to our blog that often yet.  But, here are a few funny videos that we shot today when we got home from church.

First, you have to know that we leave our garage door cracked for the dogs when we're not at home. We leave just enough of a gap for them to get under.  They like to hang out in the garage and lay around on the cool concrete.  Really, who can blame them when it's 100 degrees outside.

Anyway, when we come home they usually hear us from a mile away and are standing at the end of the driveway waiting on us.  BUT, sometimes we can "sneak up" on them.  When we do, we close the garage door on them.  I know, I know.  It sounds mean.  It's not.  They know we're right outside the door and are so excited to see us, so when we open the doors we see this...

Did you watch the bottom of the garage doors as it opened?  If not, it's super short so watch it again.  They're so excited that they won't even wait for the garage doors to go up.  They have to wiggle/crawl out.

Okay, one more video because we were having so much fun.  This is Kevin's new trick that he's been working with them on.  He has a hot dog bun for each of them and they're supposed to wait until he says "release" to eat the bread.  Max has it down.  We're still working on Cooper...

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