Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Alone

Kevin & the youth left yesterday right after church to go to Sumter, SC for a week-long mission trip.  So that means, I'm home alone this week! But, not really.  I am don't mind being home alone but I'm not really a big fan of it either.  SO, my sister stayed with me last night and tonight, and my mom is coming to visit & stay on Thursday.  It's really just an excuse to have a sleep over. :)

The youth group made it to Sumter in time for their first meeting at 4 on Sunday.  Our team was supposed to be helping put in windows in a house, but now they're working to replace the roof on a house.  Things never go the way you think that they're going to on a trip like that, but you have to learn to be flexible and adapt.  And sometimes, the "changes" end up being the best thing that could possibly happen.  Please continue to keep our group in your prayers.  Pray that they stay safe on a roof in hundred degree heat, and pray that God continues to use them to accomplish His purpose for them. 

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