Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Seven Month Birthday!

Kate is 7 months old!  Yesterday, to be exact.  I'm just a day late in posting this.  It seems like I was writing her 6 month post just 2 minutes ago and now here we are, one month later!  A lot of the reason I'm writing these monthly posts is for ME to be able to remember what she's doing developmentally, and of course so that I can remember how much of her personality is starting to come out.  And let me tell you, it is definitely starting to come out!  Kate went to the doctor for her 6 month well-check just this week (we're a little behind) so I've got the most up to date stats!  Here they are...

As of this past Tuesday, Kate was:
29 inches long (which puts her in the 100th percentile!)
19 lbs 7.5 oz (which puts her in the 89th percentile)
17 1/2 inch head circumference (90th percentile)

Yeah, she's big.  I'm thinking there is a high definite possibility that Kate's gonna be taller than me.  It doesn't take much to beat 5' 1/2" tall!

So far she's tried sweet potatoes, butternut squash, yellow squash, carrots, peas, bananas, green beans, peaches, and apple sauce.  She wasn't a fan of the carrots, peas or green beans at first but if you mix in a bit of apple sauce, she'll eat anything!  Her daddy has also given her "tastes" of some non-mommy approved foods- a starburst, chocolate chip pizza, and a tiny bite of a baked potato (mashed up of course).

Her first tooth popped through while Kevin and I were sick with food poisoning.  The second tooth was only about a week behind.  Both teeth are on the bottom.  No top teeth yet but I'm sure they're not far off.

Kate's still sleeping like a champ.  Luckily the whole teething thing has not thrown her sleeping schedule off (yet).  Her normal bedtime is around 8 pm and definitely by 8:30.  She usually sleeps until about 7 or 7:30 am and wakes up HUNGRY.  She doesn't have much patience for her morning bottle!  I love sneaking into her room to check on her before we go to bed.  She looks so sweet sleeping on her tummy, with her knees tucked under her and her little bottom stuck up in the air.

She's still wearing 9 month clothing and even some 12 month clothing.  I'm really having to learn how different clothing brands run.  In the Carter's brand, 9 months clothing fit her PERFECTLY.  In Circo (Target's brand), 12 months fit her perfectly.  I feel like the head opening on Circo clothes are kinda small.  Forget Gerber.  They run WAY small.  She probably wears a 24m in their clothing!  Children's Place clothing runs a little small, in my opinion.  I hate it when people say "true to size" about certain baby clothes brands.  I mean, there isn't such a thing.  

She is definitely a laid back, easy going baby, and for that Kevin and I are TRULY thankful.  We often get comments from people at church, or family, who say they've never even heard her cry.  Honestly, she doesn't cry that often.  I'm not saying she never cries, because when she's unhappy she definitely lets us know.  Here lately, she's figured out what crying gets her so she uses it to her advantage.  She's a very social baby.  If she's not getting your attention, she'll probably let you know.

She was in a good mood for her 7 month pictures, so we got some cute smiles.  Here they are....

Did you catch those two little teeth in that last picture?  I definitely do realize how much she's changed in the past 7 months when I think back on it, but it is fun/shocking to look back at a picture from each month.  My memories don't do the changes justice.  I think about her as the size and look that she is NOW.  It is hard to remember how little she was in picture #1.  That was 10+ pounds ago. Wow!

Happy 7 month birthday, little girl! You are such a blessing and we love you so much!


  1. HI Kelley,

    I am a new follower as of a few months ago, but haven't left a comment yet!

    I just had to smile when you listed your height. I have never met anyone else who lists their height as 5' 1/2" which is the same as my height!

    It was been a joy to follow your blog and read all about what God is doing in your family.

    Many Blessings,

    1. Hi Leah! So funny! When you're our height, every inch (or 1/2 inch) counts! I used to round up and say that I was 5' 1", but that's not really true so... Haha! Thanks for following along. We feel very blessed.

  2. hi, kelley! nice to 'meet' you! :) thanks for the blog comment!

    your little girl is a sweet little doll!! adorable. and i love your adoption husband and i definitely feel like God is calling us to adopt sometime in the future (and we have 4 adopted nieces/nephews).

    can't wait to keep up with your blog!


  3. Hey Kelley! Thanks so much for following our blog--I had to pop over and say hi and "meet" your little family. Love seeing that sweet and big girl of yours! I can't wait to read over more of your blog to learn more about your story. Praise our wonderful God for bringing Kate to you and for a healthy baby! Hope those teeth popping through wasn't too bad--it didn't seem like it was yipppeee!

    1. Thank you! She is definitely a blessing. And no, the teething hasn't been too bad (yet). I'm hoping it stays that way, but we'll see!

  4. Do you happen to know about what size she wears in Oshkosh and what size does she wear in The Children's Place? You said it runs small but what specific size does she wear. Does her shirt size differ from pants size?

    1. Hey! For anything summer, I've been buying 12 or 18 months. I'll only buy 12 months if it looks big. Like right now, she can wear 12 months in the Children's Place clothing. In Oshkosh, it really depends. She can still wear the shirt that you gave her for Christmas, but she'll probably be out of it soon, so if I were to buy her anything from Oshkosh, I'd probably buy 18 months. Even if it's big when she starts to wear something, at least she can wear it longer! Pants and shirts are pretty much the same size.

  5. Hi Kelley, I just found your blog on TMB. Any advocate of adoption is a friend of mine! I've adopted 3 kids from Kazakhstan and I hope to foster or adopt domestically someday in the near future. Love for you to pop over to my blog Life on the Funny Farm sometime to say hi. I'm at Have a great day!

    1. Hi Anne! Thanks for stopping by my blogs. Adoption has truly been one of the biggest blessings of our life, and we have plans to do it again in a few more years! I'll definitely be checking out your blog soon!


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