Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Second Grade Girl

Last week, Kate started second grade! Time is a thief!

She was so excited because second grade is upstairs at her school, so she really feels like a big kid.  However, when we actually got in the car to drive over there, I could tell she was getting a little nervous. (So unlike her!)

The last 2 years, she's wanted me to drop her off in the car line on the first day and just be on my way. Both years I've told her that I "needed" to help her carry her school supplies in. Ha! Really, this mama just needed to do some mama stuff while I still can. 

On this day though, she said "Mama, you're gonna walk me in, right?"  

Yup, sweet girl. I sure am.

She found her seat, with crayons and a coloring page, saw some friends, and was good to go. So far we've done this 2nd grade thing a solid week, and seem to be off to a good start! Here's to a happy year filled with lots of good learning!

Oh and then after I dropped her off, I had to take a picture of what "back to school" looks like for all the non-students out there. This was my morning commute to work. Man, the summer drive to work is so much easier!


I'd love to hear from you- new friends or old!


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