Wednesday, April 18, 2018

No More Corn on the Cobb

When my sister and I were younger, if we had a tooth that was even remotely loose, it was going to be coming out that day.  I'm pretty sure I pulled nearly all (if not all) of Kristi's teeth. Sometimes multiple teeth in a day.  True story. Go ask my mom.

This is not Kate's personality though. Kate's top two teeth have been wiggly for a while, but she is the kind of kid that is going to hang onto that tooth until it pops out all on its own. She's lost a few of her bottom teeth but the top ones have stayed in place... until now.

A few weeks ago she and Karsten were playing in the kitchen and bumped into each other. The back of Karsten's head collided with Kate's mouth and after a few tears, Kate realized that her top tooth was now even more wiggly than it had been.  Fast forward to the next day and she came home from school with a tooth that was some how still hanging on, but I have no idea how. She could almost twist it all the way around. We knew it would be coming out that night.

I told her I needed one last picture of her with her top baby teeth. I mean, don't kids just totally lose any remaining piece of that baby face once a top tooth is gone? 

Once it was out, we took an "after" picture.  I feel like she aged 3 years. :(

She was so proud of that gap and was looking forward to showing it off to her teacher and friends the next day at school.  Goodness this girl is growing up quickly.

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